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Protest Rules

1. Protest procedure may be omitted by event promoter or by the club if it is a point’s pull.


2. Protest fee to be paid upon presenting protest to a pull official. Protest fee is $100.00 or as set by event promoter.


3. Protest shall be presented to a pull official or at the announcer's stand within five (5) minutes of the end of the class.


4. Two (2) specific items can be inspected by the tech. official per protest. Items include, but not limited to

a. CID pump test

b. Re-weighing

c. Re-measuring hitch or other vehicle specification,

d. Safety equipment

e. Other


5. Protested party that fails to make the vehicle available or refuses to allow inspection is considered an illegal vehicle.


6. Competitor whose vehicle is found to be illegal will be disqualified from the class and the competitor forfeits any winnings for the class. Protest fee shall be returned to the protestor.


7. Competitor whose vehicle is found to be legal shall keep their winnings and be paid 100% of the protest fee.


8. First offense will be disqualified for the day and lose points and prize money for the event and will not be able to pull until the truck is legal. Can't be used as one of the drop hooks for points.


9. If the protested truck is found to be illegal, a second time the driver and the truck will be barred from all Heartland Truck Pulls for 1 year and 10 days. If someone has a pull and that driver or truck is allowed to pull within 1 year and 10 day suspension, it will automatically be a non-points events for HTP. No Exceptions.


10. Must be a Heartland Truck Puller member to be able to use the protest rule.


11. All protests must be resolved at the time of the protests.


updated 4/4/2022


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