Open Diesel #8000

1. Weight of 8000# or less.​​​​

2. Any turbo of any size and combination allowed.

3. Must have all safety equipment.

4. Must have kill switch electric or air.

5. Must have all u joints shielded. Total of 5 loops per shaft.

6. Fire jacket and pants if the cab has been cut out in any way. Jeans required if no cab modifications.

7. Leather boots or SFI shoes.

8. Helmet must be worn.

9. Fire extinguisher within reach of driver,

10. Exhaust must point up.

11. Water injection allowed.

12. Two 3/8" bolts in cross pattern as close to the turbo as possible.

13. Maximum of 35" tire.

14. Engine from one ton or less truck.

15. 26" Hitch Height

*All General Rules Apply