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Super Stock 4x4

1. Must have one carb and only one transmission and transfer case. After market transfer cases allowed (i.e. Profab SCS). Reversers allowed.


2. No air compressing devices, turbo chargers, or super chargers allowed.


3. Must have all safety equipment such as drive shaft loops, U-joints enclosed and three 1” loops in between the U-joint loops, driveshaft between transmission and transfer case must be completely enclosed, working kill switch, reverse light, engine side shields if the factory fender liners are removed (NTPA specs: 0.060 thick aluminum that is securely mounted to the frame and extends above the spark plug), explosion proof bell housing or scatter blanket, and fire extinguisher.


4. Front end limited to a one ton (60 series). Must use OEM frame.


5. Engine must be located in stock location + or - 3".


6. Rear suspension may be blocked.


7. Must have full front and rear windows in truck.


8. Removal of floors and fenders from box allowed if box is covered.


9. Must have a minimum of 2 wheel brakes in working order.


10. Exhaust pipes must not be out the side or toward spectators. Upright headers allowed. All headers must not point toward the ground in any manner. Upright headers are highly encouraged.


11. Cubic inch limit of 530.


12. Must have fire suit (jacket and pants) and Helmet.


13. Must be equipped with safety wheels on the weight bar. Wheels to be 6 inches in diameter and 2 inches wide. Wheels should be at least 3 feet apart and approximately 8 inches from ground.


14. Hitch length 30% of wheelbase, hitch height not to exceed 26". Hitch must not exceed a maximum of 25 degree angle from pivot point to hook point.


15. Vehicle must have DOT approved tires, no larger than 35 inch. Siping allowed. No grooving, grinding, sharpening, or removal of rubber allowed.


16. Trucks must have bumper stops.

*All General Rules Apply

updated 4/4/2022


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