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Street Stock

1. Must have a current registration, license plates and insurance card.


2. Headlights and taillights must be in working order.


3. Stock is stock - no performance enhancements.


4. Trucks must have four wheel working brakes.


5. Tires must be DOT approved. Siping allowed. No grooving, grinding, sharpening, or removal of rubber allowed.


6. Must pull from bumper or class 3 style hitch (minimum 3 3/4" opening for hook. Hitch height not to exceed 24"). No fabricated hitches.


7. No blocking of suspension (must have workable suspension). Airbags must be disconnected.


8. Must be factory stock fuel system. All fuel system and engine components must match the year of the truck.


9. Trucks must have legal exhaust system for driving on the street.


10. A maximum of 92 octane fuel or flex fuel compatible vehicles may run E85.


11. All weights must be in box only, no weight out front, no hidden weights. No exceptions.

12. The weight of the class will be determined by the trucks in the class and before the pull starts. Maximum weight will be 7000 lbs.

13. Dually Must run factory size tire.

*All General Rules Apply

updated 4/4/2022


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