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Stock Diesel 9000#


This class is designed for your everyday Factory stock truck. With the exemption of aftermarket tuning.


Ballast: No hanging of front weights is allowed. No weights in cab. Must be placed in the box.


Body: The body must be the OEM from factory.



Driveline: An OEM transmission, transfer case, and drive axles only. Stock style suspension only. Lift kits allowed. Traction bars permitted, must be bolt on only.



Fuel: Factory OEM the fuel must be pump #1/#2 or Soy/Bio-diesel. Fuel must be commercially available. OEM fuel tank must be used. No propane, NOS, or water injection. No after-market lift pumps.



Hitch: The hitch must be a factory receiver-style hitch. 3.75 inch hitch hole must be exposed at rear of vehicle. Final decision of legality of all hitches resides with the head tech official. Minimum of 44 inches from center of rear axle back. Maximum 24 inch hitch height.



Tires: The tires must be DOT street tires.



Tech Inspection: During tech inspection driver must comply with all tech requests. Tech official has final say.

*All General Rules Apply

updated 4/4/2022


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