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Pro Stock

1. Trucks must have DOT street legal tires. No bar or tractor tires. Maximum tire allowed is 35" in diameter.


2. Must run one 4-barrel carb 4150 flange or smaller, and aluminum intake. Must have cast iron heads and block. The motor must match pickup make.

3. No solid or blocked suspension. Can have ladder bars front and rear. Must be on springs. Lift kits allowed. Must use a stock frame and running gear. Rear ends bigger than dana 80 are NOT allowed.

4. No rear shocks allowed.


5. 480 cu. in. engine limit. No alcohol fuel or Dominator carbs allowed. Must be naturally aspirated.


6. Can run open downswept headers.

7. Must run complete stock firewall and floor.


8. May cut inside of a box, outside must appear stock(no cutting on outside of box). Must have safe floor or tonneau cover.


9. Driver MUST wear SFI Fire Suit(Jacket and Pants) and Helmet.


10. Must have at least two-wheel brakes, and working brake and reverse lights.


11. Hitch rules: No less than a 30% hitch may be used, (30% of wheelbase) axle center to hook point. Hitch is 26".


12. Radiator and front grill must be in the stock location.


13. 133 - inch wheelbase max.

14. Wheels must be a minimum of 6 inch diameter by 2 inch wide.

15. Wheels must support the weight of the vehicle.

16. Wheels may be removed or raised for ground clearance when a vehicle is not on competition track.

17. Wheels on weight box must be at least 3 feet apart.

*All General Rules Apply

updated 4/4/2022


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