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Points System

You must be a member to get points for each event you participate in. Only one points class per truck. Trucks pulling for points may have multiple drivers, but please tell a rep who is driving your truck so the points can be accurately tracked. You get to drop 1 hook  at the end of the season. Points are received based on where you finished,(example 1st place = 30 points, 2nd place = 29 points, 3rd place = 28 points). At the end of the season total payback per points class will be 80% of what is taken in in membership fees.  The top 3 payouts will be paid at: 40% for 1st place, 30% for 2nd place and 10% for 3rd place.  If there is a limited amount of trucks in a class the payout for first will be 40% or membership fee paid back, whichever is greater.

updated 4/4/2022

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