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General Rules

1. No consumption of alcohol by drivers will be allowed before and during the pull. Anyone caught will be disqualified.


2. All drivers will pull at their own risk. We are not responsible for breakage of equipment or accidents or injury.


3. Must be 16 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.


4. Loss of weights, hitch, or anything else that would cause a safety issue during pulling will result in disqualification.


5. Truck and sled must stay within the boundaries of the track. Failure to do so will be disqualified.


6. The first puller in each class will have the option to pull over in last place position, in that same class. This decision must be made by the driver immediately after their pull, before unhooking.


7. All pullers may only have a second attempt, provided they stop before 100 feet.


8. Judges decisions are final. Failure to obey tack officials will be automatic disqualified. No exceptions. Tech inspectors will make final decisions at tech inspection time.


9. Trucks must be operated in a safe manner at all times. No chain jerking or hot-rodding allowed. May result in disqualification.


10. All trucks must be in neutral or park when being hooked or unhooked, placing your hands in the air while being hooked.


11. Weights, weight bracket, and support wheels must not exceed 60" from center of axle with the exception of the 3” ring for pushing or pulling the truck.


12. Hitch must be frame mounted only. No trick hitches or floating hitches. Hitch must be rigid or solid in all directions at all times. All pullers must furnish their own clevis or 3" wide X 3.75" deep hole. The 3" X 3.75" opening must be horizontal to the ground. No vertical hitches.


13. Maximum wheelbase limit is 133" in Pro Stock, Super Stock and Modified.


14. If changes are made after inspection, you are automatically disqualified.


15. Class jumping to be determined by promoter. If the promoter allows class jumping, you must meet all the rules of the class that you are going into.


16. Truck must pull in assigned position within 3 minutes, or be subject to disqualification. Judges may reposition you.


17. Any one puller or their associate interfering with the performance of another vehicle will be disqualified, and barred from Heartland Truck Pulling events for 1 year and 10 days.


18. Heartland Truck Puller members must make 50% of events to be eligible for points payout at the end of the year.

19. You pull as you weigh. No rearranging of weights or other adjustments can be made after weigh in.


20. Pullers must be on site, inspected, and registered ½ hour before the pull starts. No registering after the pull starts.


21. Illegal fuels: E-85 unless the vehicle was manufactured to allow it as an alternative fuel, all forms of nitro methane (including nitrous oxide and propylene) or alcohol as a fuel or fuel additive for pulling. Improved Stock, Pro Stock and Super Stock must run gasoline. Mod may run alcohol. No oxygenated fuels or nitrous allowed in any classes.


22. Trucks must pull in the assigned pulling order. No changing position after the pull starts unless there are mechanical failures that are approved by a Heartland President, Vice President, Class Rep, or Tech Official.


23. No electronic traction control devices allowed in any class.​

24. All general rules apply to all classes. Tec and track officials have final say. Anyone who is disrespectful to the tech or track officials will be disqualified.

25. Anyone who is disrespectful, displays unsportsmanlike behavior, is "hot rodding" or puts the safety of themselves or others at risk will be disqualified.

updated 4/4/2022

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