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Hot Street Diesel 8500#

This class is designed for street modified Diesel Pickups, No dedicated pull trucks.


Ballast: Hanging weights permitted. Aftermarket front bumpers allowed, any homemade bumpers will be at the discretion of tech officials.


Batteries: Batteries must be in stock location.


Body: The body must be the OEM truck body, including the full bed floor. Complete interior and all working components. Fiberglass hoods and roll pans are permitted. All fiberglass hoods must be shielded on the underneath side with sheet metal or aluminum skin a minimum of .060 thick. A factory installed pickup bed or commercial style aftermarket bed must be installed.


Chassis: The OEM chassis is mandatory. 4-wheel factory working brakes. OEM suspension, air bags/solid removable blocking permitted.

Cooling System: Radiators must be in the stock location and be of at least stock size. Electric cooling fans are permitted.


Driveline: An OEM transmission, transfer case, and drive axles only. Stock style suspension only. Lift kits allowed. Rear traction bars allowed, must have a loop on the bar.


Engine: Blocks must circulate coolant freely. All factory belt driven accessories, must be retained and powered via the crankshaft by a standard serpentine or "V" belt.


Exhaust: Vehicles are recommended to be equipped to direct exhaust upward. The exhaust must exit rearward of the driver's compartment. Two 3/8 diameter bolts must be installed through exhaust pipe in a cross pattern within 1 inch of each other, as close to the turbo as possible. Hood stacks permitted.


Fuel: Multiple high-pressure pumps allowed. The fuel must be pump #1/#2 diesel or Soy/Bio-diesel. Fuel must be commercially available. OEM fuel tank must be used. No propane, NOS, or water injection.


Harmonic Balancer: All engines turning more than 4500 RPM must be equipped with a harmonic balancer or dampener meeting SFI Spec 18.1.


Hitch: The hitch must be a factory receiver-style hitch. Hitch must be ridgid in all directions. Receiver tube must be mounted parallel to the frame. Hitch bracing allowed but must be only frame mounted and cannot extend forward of the rear axel centerline. 3.75 hitch hole must be exposed at rear of vehicle. Rollpan style hidden hitches permitted. Final decision of legality of all hitches resides with the head tech official. Minimum of 44 inches from center of rear axle back. Maximum 26 inch hitch height.

Intercoolers: Only air to air intercoolers are allowed.


Kill Switches: An Electronic shut down that must kill power to electric fuel pumps. Must be mounted within 12 inches and above the pulling hitch. Switches will be tested. Air shut off is recommended.


Safety Equipment: All drivers must wear a helmet, and a single layer fire suit, jacket and pants. Must carry a fire extinguisher in driver's compartment. All exposed u-joints must be shielded, along with axle bolts. Full loops and shields recommended.


Tires: The tires must be DOT street tires. Siping allowed. 35 inch maximum height. Factory dually trucks only. Dualies must run factory tire size. No bolt on duals allowed. No cutting, grooving, or grinding allowed.

Turbo charger: Any box charger configurations are permitted. Chargers must retain piping no open chargers. Truck must be street driven.

Truck must be street driven and have current registration.

Tech Inspection: During tech inspection driver must comply with all tech requests. Tech official has final say.

*All General Rules Apply

updated 4/4/2022


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