Improved Stock 5800 & 6200 lbs

1. Motor must match pickup make.


2. Must have front bumper. If you do not have rear bumper, you must have bump stops.


3. Weights brackets allowed. No part of weights or bracket may exceed 60" forward from center of front axle.


4. Vehicle must have DOT approved tires, no larger than 33 inch.


5. The hitch cannot extend forward or braced forward of the center of rear axle. All hitches must mount under the top frame rail. Hitch length 36% of wheelbase. Hitch height not to exceed 26". Hitch must not exceed a maximum of 25 degree angle from pivot point to hook point.


6. Wheel base must not be altered from factory. Must use OEM transmission and transfer case.


7. Motor must match pickup make. Must be mounted is stock location as intended by the manufacturer. 480 cubic inch limit. *An exception to this rule is if vehicle was orignally equipped with a GM 8.1 liter or Dodge 8.0 liter engine, these will be allowed. Must run OEM heads. Must run 4150 flange carb or smaller. May be any Factory cast aluminum intake, must have casting numbers and must accept 4150 flange directly. No sheet metal or homemade intakes, No vacuum pumps or dry sumps allowed.


8. May run an electric fuel pump, water pump, and fan.


9. Vehicles must have an exhaust system with muffler(s). Exhaust must exit at least 12" behind cab. May have headers 3" diameter from collectors back.


10. Slipper Clutches and Stall converters are allowed.


11. No ladder bars and no clamping springs. Must be on springs. Lift kits allowed. Must use stock frame and running gear. Mandatory 1" of suspension travel in rear with blocks or airbags with no weight on truck.

12. Drive shaft loops, u-joint shields, SFI bellhousing or SFI transmission blanket, and killswitch MUST be in place and operational.

*All General Rules Apply