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Improved Stock

1. Motor must match pickup make.


2. OEM fuel systems and HEI/stock style ignition only. Only one carburetor permitted. Carburetor must be a single line feed type with vacuum secondaries, no double pump carburetors. Fuel line must not split before the carburetor to feed fuel to the font fuel bowl and the rear fuel bowl. Factory EFI system allowed. OEM cast iron heads and block only. May have a secondary tank located in the box and securely fastened down.

3. Vehicle must have front and rear bumper. May run weight bar. 60" center front axle.

4. No solid or blocked suspension or ladder bars. Must be on springs. Lift kits allowed. Must use stock frame and running gear. No blocked suspension or tie downs or clamping of springs allowed. Spring shackles must not be restricted in any manner. This includes welding the spring shackles or any other method of restricting them. Spring shackles must be in the oringinal position as intended by the manufacturer.

5. Must pull from bumper or Reese type hitch. Parallel with frame. Must be behind rear spring perches. Hitch height is 26".

6. 480 cubic inch limit. Dual plane intake only, NO air gap or single plane intakes allowed. May run max 1 inch carb adapter/spacer on cast iron intakes only. Must have OEM style exhaust manifolds. Small block- 420 cubic inch limit. May run single plane intake and headers. All other rules apply. The truck must retain full factory interior, driveline, and the rest of factory components except factory gas tank. An exception to this rule is if the vehicle was originally equipped with a GM 8.1 liter, Dodge 8.0 liter engine, or any truck that is manufactured with an engine greater than 480 cubic inch will be allowed.

7. Factory EFI trucks must have stock appearing intake manifold and fuel system.

8. Factory OEM aluminum heads and block allowed only in trucks intended by manufacturer.

9. Illegal fuels: E-85, all forms of nitromethane (including nitrous oxide and propylene) or alcohol as a fuel or fuel additive for pulling. Must run gasoline. The only exception is flex fuel vehicles.


10. Vehicles exhaust must exit behind the cab with muffler(s) and have a 3" diameter max. Dual exhaust is allowed.

11.Vehicle must have D.O.T. approved tires, no larger that 33". Siping allowed.


12. Must have drive shaft loop, U-joint shields & kill switch.

*All General Rules Apply

updated 4/4/2022


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